Our Mission

Dome Peace aims to link fashion with fashion statements through our headwear created and handpicked for you. Our mission is to promote P.E.A.C.E., unity, and understanding by metamorphosing social action and fashion.

Proactively Encouraging A Constant Evolution 

Dome Peace Is...


Dome PEACE is an actonymPeace is a process for us, our supporters understand that sporting our brand

is a commitment to interacting with the world from a place of peace. This does not mean the absence of conflict, rather acknowledging that there is always something to learn from any interaction and using that to BUILD. All with love. 


Our social action pieces are guaranteed conversation starters about REAL issues underserved communities face everyday. If we can start these conversations, we can and will find solutions.


We are an all inclusive brand and encourage you to wear any piece that speaks to you! After all, flower crowns look fabulous on everyone.


We invest a portion of our proceeds and time to developing local communities in need. Dome Peace donates clothing, food and water, and attends city council meetings to bring awareness to police brutality among underserved populations. We are always looking to take on more projects, please connect with us if you have any ideas. 


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